Thursday, December 13, 2018

A disappearing act

So...what disappeared?

Yesterday, the first half of a Dollarama pack and I ended up with a Jay, that's it. This inserts, no parallels, no variations, no Jays....

Heck, even the pictures themselves are trying to disappear...

Looks like Tracy is trying to disappear up off this card. This is one Expo I will be keeping as this can go in my error binder!

So without further ado, I guess on to sharing the keepers from the pack - which like yesterday, isn't too shabby, about half the pack.

Like yesterday, we go back to 1983 Topps, but most of the adds are actually post 2000.

Nice to see a Topps 206 and Gypsy Queen card here, as I do like those sets, but don't get around to buying them directly.


More of the usual heavy population cards - late 80s Topps.

At least there is an insert of sorts here with the Benny All Star card. These are really nice sets, I just happen to unfortunately have this one.

Unfortunate to get a couple cards on both sides of the same pack including the last one - Carroll.

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