Thursday, December 6, 2018

CNE Pack #26 - A Retro Leaf

These packs have been pretty good for being able to pick up a number of cards out of the 2006-07 Parkhurst hockey set. As I've mentioned, I like these sets that are heavy in stars of prior periods as it is a way for me to collect such players/people, without having to fork out the cash for real vintage cards. That's why 2005 Upper Deck Classics baseball is a set I really enjoy - this is the hockey and Parkhurst equivalent.

Even better today, is getting a retro Leaf to lead it off.

Can't complain about a career which only spanned eight years, however ending up with 5 Stanley Cups.

The rest of the cards that I added for the set today...

And the other keepers...

Always good for an Ankle Lock!

Plenty for trades today....

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