Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas and some packs to open

I started going through a 2018 Topps Opening Day blaster box yesterday, and have four more packs to open up today.

As I went through yestrerday, trying to score the blaster to see how good it is and we left that at 49 points for 21 cards going into the cards today, and points being...

Base card - 1 point (yes, all cards get a point)
Base card need - 2 points
Base care variation card - 5 points
Base card Toronto card - 5 points
Base card variation Toronto card - 10 points
Insert Card - points based on odds - if 1 in 4 - worth 4 points, double if a Toronto card

Pack 4:

A couple rookie cards among the needed cards here.

Opening Day inserts are one per six packs, and I didn't have this one either so, success there. I like the obviousness of having an Opening Day insert set in Opening Day - just makes simple sense.

We finish with a crookedly scanned Garcia.

Another pack of all base needs plus the Opening Day insert for 18 points moving to 67 points for 28 cards.

Pack 5:

Chicago Cubs hot pack indeed! Bryan and Rizzo - that's a good part of the Cubs right there. Odor I can do without - to me always being most famous for the Jose Bautista incident now...

Another perfect pack for needing everything there - the Before Opening Day being 1 in 5 packs means 17 points for the pack - 84 points for 35 cards.

Pack 6:

Another good mascot card - nothing more American than a bald eagle standing with cap over heart during the national anthem.

Two Rizzo packs in a row!

Another perfect pack of all needs - 42 cards now for a total of 100 points.

Pack 7:

Another perfect need pack, as well as getting another nice mascot card with Orbit. Just reminds me how much I miss Domer - the Jay's Blue Jay Ace is great, but I miss when Toronto had the Skydome mascot too which was a turtle named Domer.

So seven packs in, we have 49 card for a total of 116 points thus far.

I figure today would be a good day to also give another thank you to TCDB member DantheMan for the next item to come out of the box he sent across - a one-card short full set of 1991 WCW Impel. I just recently won three cards on Listia from this set (two of which still need to show up), and that is all I have, so not a big deal, and very happy to get all of the set save for a #70 Terry Taylor, but it makes it really easy to narrow down to needing a single card.

It is 162 cards and has, instead of 162 different wrestlers, multiple cards in a row for the same wrestlers. You'll see, as here is the set in it's entirety (except for that one missing card)...

As you can see, the set is split into three different borders, at least they each have a different purpose - yellow for singles wrestlers, red for tag teams, and green for other personalities (managers, announcers).

Interesting to have so many of the cards being the same wrestler, but at least the back write ups are different on each card, so you get something new on each card at least.

As I say, now just down to a single card left for finishing the set.

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