Saturday, December 22, 2018

Pack Attack - 1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies & Dan is The Man

Here is this bit of an oddball set pack...

This is a 9 card set. I have one opened pack before this, and one closed pack. I was hoping that between the 9 cards I have, I would end up with a full set. Luckily the packs are see through, so I could shift cards and see if I did have the nine card set - but alas, I do not. Since not, I picked the above pack to opened, and kept this one unopened...

And now have these cards...

It's not a bad little set with an alright design, save for being a little grey in background.

Not a bad little set, with some decent names of the times including Piazza. Leaves me still needing 3 cards not including the opened pack (Wayne Kirby, David Nied, and Tim Salmon).

A quick way to get most of this little set to just find those last three....

Now on a completely different vein, I went into a box for box trade with TCDB member DantheMan. I initiated the trade as I noticed he had a huge number of wrestling card traders (he has the biggest wrestling card collection logged on the site), and that he was otherwise collecting football. I figured, no harm seeing if I could turn some football cards into wrestling cards. He was open to the trade and we ended up with myself sending him am 800 count box of football cards and after he received and reviewed, he sent the box back with a bunch of wrestling cards.

There is enough here, I am going to share bit by bit as I go through parts - probably 7-10 posts worth here, some more simple than others.

Today, in and out with a complete base set that I had zero cards from before getting this box - 2013 Topps. I will now show it in all it's glory.

Such a good looking set - happy to have it one and done like this. The 110 cards is a bit more than what seem to be the 100 card sets these days, but it does fit nicely in a 100 card plastic two piece Ultra Pro box...and having AJ as card number 1 isn't a bad one showing on the front.

When I get to the other items, I will share, but probably going to take a few days in between to get things scanned and posted - besides. I want to enjoy them!

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