Sunday, December 23, 2018

Pack Attack - 1986 Donruss All-Stars

A nice mish-mash of cards given you get three 1986 Donruss All Star cards, one pop-up, and one Hank Aaron puzzle piece.

So what do I have....I have a few of the 3.5" by 5" cards....just one other Hank Aaron puzzle piece, and two pop ups, so should be a useful not-so little pack.

Hard to tell what the puzzle piece is, but the orange is actually the last part of Aaron which goes across the top of the entire puzzle. Needed this one.

Such an ugly, ugly roof in Minnesota...I remember that players complained constantly about it given the colour, not to mention the ugliness.  Ozzie stands out that much more being such a great player and one of the best for his position, against the ugly All Star Game venue background.

This is the card that, thanks to the clear cellophane, could be seen at the back. My two favourite memories involve him and wrestling. One was him ringside and a promo by The Rock, and second, one of the amazing vignettes for Mr. Perfect which you can see here.

Well, that made this a winner as I didn't have Ernie for the Jays collection yet. The larger cards are a bit harder for storing (I do have some 2 slot pages (5 by 7), which work for these alright.


  1. Ozzie is the man! Loved his name as a kid.

  2. I can't remember where it was at this point, but there was somewhere near me that use to have a bin of free card packs, these were one of the one's I remember being in there the longest, I mean there was dozens of them that nobody wanted that sat there until almost the mid 90's before being removed.