Sunday, December 9, 2018

Pack Attack - 1988 Topps Baseball

This should be a bit better than the 1988 Donruss packs since I actually needs about 60% of the set still, believe it or not.

These are the duplicates - so definitely a positive pack. All the keepers...

It isn't the same as getting a Neikro card from his early years - circa 1970, but still nice to get, especially when you get the full stats on the back. John Kruk, who is much more memorable as a Philly losing to Toronto....and Paul O'Neill who is much more a Yankee than Red as far as history will likely remember.

I will say that, the most impressive part of the pack, I didn't bother scanning. Believe it or not, the gum was actually somewhat bendable instead of being hard as a rock or in multiple pieces. I can't remember the last time I opened a junk wax era pack with gum, and the gum seemed in any way to be decent. Don't worry - not decent enough I dare try it though...

In other news to share...I picked up a pack of the recently released Ultimate Masters Magic set...

The packs retail for about $15 each Canadian and are a "premium" set. WOn't be opening it, and adding it to the collection, but more than I usually spend on packs. Happily, I got the money for it by selling about 30 cards from my traders in exchange - a nice little trade if I do say so.

Separately, I also picked up some artifact cards I had ordered previously, but will share those in another day or two once I have a chance to get them cataloged.


  1. That's a lot to pay for a pack collection, even if you sold cards for it. It'd be too tempting for me to open.

    1. It is, but these Masters sets seem to hold their value. The first set, packs were about the same, now run for double. Second is on the way to the same, so it makes it a bit easier to have and hold...