Sunday, December 2, 2018

CNE Pack #24 - One and One

I have been having a bit of luck with getting more than I bargained for on Toronto cards in these - one Jay and one Leaf.

Dave Stieb is my favourite Jay of all time. I remember his difficult quest for a no hitter and the impressive back to back starts in September 1988 which had him take no hitters down to the last strike, and lose them. He then had to wait until 1990 when he finally go the no no.

These are all the keepers, and you don't get too much better than the wiz Ozzie Smith and Mo Vaughn from Studio, and Lidstrom with the Wings in Upper Deck hockey.


Mostly, hit a bunch of 1991 Donruss cards which I didn't need - always end up seeing too much of these.

A separate share to tack on today - another trade with TCDB member 860502. We have done a few trades before, and happy to do another here which was a few different things baseball.

In the slow set building part of the PWE we have some...

1986 Topps needs. Still a long way to go, but chipping away on this one!

In the insert (kinda sorta - I know it is really a subset...)...

A few 1989 Donruss card needs filled. I miss the old design of these, the newer Diamond Kings just aren't the same.

We then of course end with some Jays content.

A couple nice Jays inserts from the last couple years. I would happily trade a number of base cards in my trade stuff for a single simple insert Jays card. I am hoping to be able to do some of this to cut down the girth of the collection, while still adding to the Jays.


A nice Janssen SN to 299. Wasn't supposed to get this originally, but going above and beyond, this was sent when a 1990 Topps Traded Olerud couldn't be found. I'll take it, with many thanks!

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