Friday, December 7, 2018

CNE Pack #27 - Another Parkhurst Infusion

Won't complain when the pack starts with the adds...

It's a North Star hot pack! Cesare is a player who was a big benefactor of the 1967 expansion. After just getting into a few games for a couple seasons, he became the starting goalie for the North Stars for almost a decade starting with the 1967 expansion year. Gilles had a good 18 years in the NHL, with 7 years in Minnesota.

The other keepers...

A rookie Schwab isn't too shabby a pick up either!

As with the others, this was the Toronto card which made me pick this pack...

Yeah, even did it for a Dion...

We also got another visit from a movie card set we have seen.

I think a couple cards got stuck together when these were being created - oops!

Also, for

Got stuck with another run of unneeded 1987 Topps...but still worth it with the Parkhurst cards.

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