Monday, December 17, 2018

Pack Attack - 1990 Upper Deck Baseball

Continuing the trend, let's step back one more year with the Upper Deck baseball packs...

With two thirds of the set, should be able to still pick up a few cards I don't have.

Just three cards to add to the collection including Dave Henderson - the number two Henderson behind Rickey during the A's heyday.

The holograms are cool as I mentioned the other day, too bad this one was a dupe.

Speaking of duplicates, here are the rest...

Though the best card of the bunch, and the big keeper for me is a nice little error.

Yeah - I think the hologram application machine got a little trigger happy with this one. Almost like the players are being attacked by them....

If you happen to come across similar odd printing error,s I'd be happy top trade for them, I just find them quite neat to collect on the side.

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