Thursday, December 20, 2018

Pack Attack - 1988 Donruss Pop-up All Stars

A pit more interesting pack today. I don't really remember these packs back as a kid, and they look like, from the packaging, they may be older than they are as this is actually just from 1989. The All Star set is very much similar to the 1989 Donruss flagship set,

With the 5 cards, I actually needed all of them as I only had about 8 of the base cards otherwise. Here I did get the All Star Game MVP with Steinbach

I get a Ricky Henderson hot pack with another Ricky with the Pop Up card. These are a nice little set by themselves - IU want to pop it up, but I can't do it....have to keep it perfectly unpopped.

Lastly, the puzzle piece....

The Warren Spahn puzzle is one I am still not complete on - actually not very far along on. I wouldn't mind getting this one done at some point as I do have a couple others already done, but another "no rush" project.

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