Sunday, May 3, 2020

2011-12 Score Hockey

I could totally use this as a start to really trying to collect the set - but that's not really my intent with the cards from the Jeff Scott collection I am going through. Sure, I'll take out the cards that do fit what I already collect, but I am not going to take the opportunity to start sets I didn't already like or want to collect.

I do want to move away a lot of the cards he gave me and try to turn a bunch into Bruins cards that I can get to him...eventually.

So today, 2011-12 Score.

The base set starts off with the Season Highlights subset, which isn't a bad way to start. Not sure the Season Highlight wording on the front needed to be so big and take up so much real estate, but it does stand out. Also helps when you get a nice perspective like the Mikka shot.

I appreciate the little team specific changes such as the colouring for the names and team name lines - makes the cards look that much better when team collecting. Some times I wonder if they should go far enough to try and use similar jersey picks for each team within a single set, but that may be asking too much.

A decent Quick shot, and there seem to be a decent number of horizontal cards in this set (boo).

Ah - back when Subban was a rookie. Again, the All Rookie team strip may be a little bigger than say, having a little logo, but the message does come across clearly!

Here is a good example - with the orange jerseys for Philly, these bottom three cards just stand out so much, and in a good way!

There's an unusual shot for a goalie with Halak well out of his net.

The end of the set has a couple more subsets shown here, the Stanley Cup highlights and then of course the Hot Rookies.

The colours again matching the team, make these look a bit off when together, but nice when in a team set.

There were a few uncorrected error cards...

and some inserts and parallels...

Still love the Net Cam insert most, but that Making an Entrance shot is pretty nice as well.

I will say that I do find it helpful when these cards...

Actually say "Glossy" above and below the card number on the back so there is no mistaking them. Thank goodness!


  1. That's a great look at the set...for some reason I have not been able to get many of these. I have less than 10 cards from the set I think. The 2012-13 and 13-14 sets I have a lot more of, which is a good thing, as I really enjoy these sets.

    1. They are very solid sets and a good price.

  2. I think I have some doubles of these. Will dig them out if you guys have lists up.

  3. Voting for the All-Rookie P.K. Subban.

    I like the Hot Rookies cards, but I don't know who they are.

  4. Had no idea Marleau became the youngest player in NHL history to play in 1000 games with one team. I wonder if he still holds this record.

    1. Quick research couldn't find anyone younger, and he is actually third most for games with a single team as he now stands at 1,551 with San Jose (no surprise Gordie Howe is #1, Nicklas Lidstrom is #2).