Thursday, May 7, 2020

Some McD For You

I shared the keepers yesterday, but wouldn't be fair to ignore the cards I will be passing on to a different home.

Some cards came with more dupes than others.

If it was ever okay to destroy a card...I am looking in your direction Roy...

Wow, that's a whole lotta red!

Plenty of checklists and a couple parallels as well.

We end with some beveled 2007-08 cards which I happen to have as I got a good start on the set from the Santa Lot a few years ago.

I have a feeling most of this will already have a home aside, but feel free to ask if there's anything you see, just in case!

Actually, speaking of homes, I have sent off a few packages the past day or so....

The envelopes (22 I believe) are all in the mail to various collectors while the bubble mailers and boxes will get to the post office hopefully this Saturday. I have no idea how long these will take to get to the various places, but what this does, is get me to my goal of trading away over 5,000 cards for the year (at 5,004 now actually), so that's one goal done for this year!


  1. Good morning, i like all that mcd's and timmy's stuff, it's a close second to stickers, sending you a tracked package today with a last 85 leaf set killer amongst the usual.Have a great 1!

    1. Very much appreciated - one of the large boxes there are headed your way, likely Saturday. Will send you tracking info once done.

  2. The Patrick Roys (and some of the other players) look like there are two different backgrounds (silver and white). Are these parallels? Or is that just how the cards were scanned?

    1. The way they scanned - some seemed to pick up the shine while others not for whatever reason.

  3. There has to be a story explaining your Roy hate, but I'm too tired to look for it tonight.

    I voted for Lindros last time, and I prefer Roy with Montreal. So my vote goes to Sakic.

    1. The short version is - growing up in Toronto, there is a general dislike for the Habs - similar to say cross town rivals like Cubs/White Sox, Yankees/Mets. Add into it that in my group of friends there was one who was a huge Hab fan and would go on and on about their success and 92-93 Cup win (while Toronto just couldn't quite get there with the Gilmour led Leafs). A big part of that Hab success was on Roy, who he went on about being the best goalie ever, so a lot of the push back was to spite my friend (playfully....mostly...).

      On December 2, 1995 - Roy's last game in Montreal, it was like a gift as we grilled my Hab friend for his star acting like a baby going home because he didn't want to play anymore (granted, long afterwards now, and understanding the full story, the situation makes more sense and it isn't all Roy's fault, but as a kid, that part isn't something you see or think about).

      So really, it is the childhood connection (and sure...some may say it could be considered a bit of jealousy at the time for his success and the success of the Habs compared to the Leafs).