Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Shine it up real nice

I can appreciate a nice shiny card, be it metallic shine, glossy, or some combination of the two. Sure, it's not going to remind you of vintage cards from the 1950s or 1960s (or really, even up through the 80s), but they have their own place.

So, in the search of a theme, I pulled enough pieces of such sets from the Jeff Scott cards to take a look at and share today. Didn't figure so many would be ones I would keep as I don't generally collect cards from these sets, but so be it.

A good handful of base card needs for a couple sets slowly being worked on, including a trio of goalies. I like the beveled look of the Prizm cards, even though they don't have a beveled feel. Still, a design that, you lose the action shot on, but the metallic look is solid.

So I think these are all insert sets - though the Topps Gold Label below is just confusing.

Stadium Club chrome I can get behind, and the acetate inserts are always awesome, but what is Gold Label thinking. I was confused trying to figure these out between the different "Class" levels and different parallels. I don't know, but another reason I wouldn't care much about a product that is confusing with the checklist....Panini...I am looking at almost every prduct you put out....ever.

Okay, a parallel SN'd to 99 is awesome no matter what, but this one makes me wonder how great the blue Maple Leaf ones would be lie. Will have to check those out!

That actually doesn't leave too much for moving, but here they are...

Panini Elite....alright, and the Select are another good chrome type set...with bonus marks for a Nordique card.

Overall - love getting these odds and sods packages because it is fun to go through and see cards/sets you don't see a lot of, and discover some new sets you may not have come across (for better or worse), or in this case, pick up more cards you didn't know you were collecting per se with the inserts


  1. Well, just as long as we're only shining them up real nice..
    Don't really want to turn it sideways and... Y'know the rest.. lol

    1. No, no we don't. My favourite was when Wade Boggs was in the audience and the Rock brought up his chicken eating on game days and such sideways turning of the chicken.

  2. Shiny, metallic, glossy or not... I can always appreciate seeing cards of Jeff Friesen from his days with the San Jose Sharks.