Friday, May 22, 2020

A late Valentines

So happily, since I am trying not to buy any new cards, I do have family that knew this and picked up a couple things for me back on Valentines Day, and here is one of them - a quick 15 from the Dollarama. Yeah, they may not spend big on me, which is fine, but they know what I like!

You don't typically see a rare card in these packs, but I lucked out on this one. Sure, they are never exactly expensive cards - would be lucky to get 50 cents for this one, but it is still a rare.

Some good flavour text in these especially the Nimble Innovator...

"A failure is simply another opportunity for improvement. Just wait until you see what I come up with next."

See - some of them are pretty good.

Excellent - three artifact card additions for the collection. None of these are new, but were all needed as I don't yet have 4 copies of each.

Given there were only 15 cards, getting three artifacts is definitely a successful pack, so the family done good!

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  1. Very cool to have family members who look out for your collection.