Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bill Ny!

Although the scientist Bill Nye is a great, well known guy, I am talking about this one...

Even on card, it makes a big difference in seeing an outside game pictured. The touque is a nice touch as well. Nice to at least see a Leaf show up in the box, hopefully not the last one either.

Another perfect pack of additions including a Dale Weise card that I'd love to see more cards like.

That angle up from the ice, giving a great view of the arena and here, the banners in the rafters, is just amazing.

Last up...

A second Canvas card, and appreciating it's a subject that remains with his only NHL team thus far.

5 Packs, 40 Cards, 133 Points.


  1. I loved watching Bill Nye. Learned a lot as a college student watching his 90's show.

    1. With the current schooling at home thing going on here, it's a nice one to throw on depending on the subject as Bill was solid at entertaining and informing.

    2. If I still taught ELD science, I might even offer my kids extra credit to watch an episode or two.