Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cracking Some Nicer Keepers

Today, just a few cards to share - there will be more tomorrow, as always.

I pulled the few memorabilia cards which were in the cards Jeff Scott bestowed upon me and frankly, I am a sucker for anything MEM or AU or SN or any of those snazzy combinations thereto, so these are in a nice new happy home.

I don't care if it is all white, or a mini, this is still awesome. Good job on the retro look for the C55 design, and about the only thing I wish they would do a bit better with the minis is maybe design up the plastic surrounding instead of just a blanket colour like this grey.

Although I dislike generally the Playoff Contenders sets for their design, this is an on card auto, and a very beautiful signature at that. Wish I could mark my "x" that nicely. Also wish tey would at least use a different picture for the back, but alas.

Zenith is done generally better by Panini. If you are going to get a single colour swatch, a nice bright orange is a great way to ho, stands out well, and accompanies the design nicely.

I think this may be my very first card from any The Cup series. On that alone, I would want to keep it as these do not cross by me, so gotta catch 'em all....well, at least the one here.

We finish today with a Pinnacle Threads Mason. Again, may just be a white swatch, but serial numbered to 499, and again Panini using the same picture on the back as the front...okay, was done on The Cup card too I guess.

I don't have many memorabilia or auto cards, but do enjoy them - pretty much any player, any team, just at the NHL level though - so a big thank you to Jeff for passing these my way.

Tomorrow I'll share some more of the serial numbered cards. Not too many, but very nice nonetheless.

Before I finish - now to the cracking part. Julie invited me to pick some pockets on her blog. so I obliged and that package arrived with a bit of everything.

I picked up a couple cards which are making a temporary stop at my place before moving on to another baseball card home - which is just down the road a bit to the other side of Toronto.

A handful of inserts including a sleepy looking Kirby, my first Topps rediscovered card, and a beautiful A&G insert.

Oh, and any snazzy crackling diamond card will find a home here.

Of course, I picked out anything Blue Jays for the collection as well, just so happened to include some Chrome highlights to the bunch.

Though he scanned a bit crooked, the only Jay in this Leaf Power Brokers insert set, and finally...

This card scanned really nicely showing the Army Camo border. Looks nice in hand, but even better here. My first such bordered card, and a great Fickey.

Many thanks for the picks Julie, much appreciated!


  1. Voting for the Steve Mason. About a decade in the NHL and a winning record. You can do a lot worse for a swatch card.

  2. That Aurora Borealis card is awesome! Julie sure does add some sweet cards to her pick pockets.

  3. The Zenith Warriors card is sharp! I like the shape of that swatch! Glad you enjoyed the cards. Every time I look at that Ginter Borealis card, I SWEAR I see a chili dog with mustard. I almost kept it with my hot dog cards but that would be crazy. Right?