Saturday, May 30, 2020

Finishing up the hockey and starting the baseball

So, a bunch of cards going through to share today's post as I went through the rest of the cards that Jeff provided. Rather than share those cards I have found other homes for today, and to keep some of that a surprise for others, going to highlight what I kept and maybe some of the available cards. If you want to check out what is left, go on over to TCDB and my "Jeff Scott" for trade list. Will happily take anything Boston Bruins for whatever you like.

A single Leaf add which again, just means I got most of the Leafs when Jeff passed them on a while back, but I'll take a sticker add.

A few set additions from varying partially done sets that are low on my collecting goal list. The Quest For The Cup one is interesting in that, I am keeping it because I still have a boc of it to open from my Dave & Adam purchases last year.

Inserts / parallels / food issue / etc...

A complete McD insert set from the early 2000! Obviously when Pacific was handling the McDonalds hockey cards, and the classic crown die cut 6 card insert set is a great little add.

The Upper Deck Superstar Showdown cards are cut to go together like shown here (but are done in "pairs" that are supposed to be a play off each other).

Some very Pacific designs including a patriotic Martin with the Canadian flag - even if it is a not-so-great horizontal design.

Still a sucked for those see-through acetate eX cards.

Such a nice variety of cards - sure won't get me near any complete insert sets, but that's not really my goal in collecting insert (or parallels, etc), as the goal is really being able to keep a wide variety of designed cards which, generally, are a little bit harder to get (in most cases) than base cards.

Will end with some of the available cards for show - not all of them, but some highlights in case anyone is interested.

As always, anything there that interests people, just let me know.

Since I am speaking about hockey, and I have a PWE to share that is hockey, let me just share that today as well.

A first time trade partner on TCDB, Double B, reached out with an offer to send along a few short prints...

These move me to 47 remaining short prints to complete the full 200 card set. Definitely not top of the priorities, but happy to trade for any of the remaining ones I need if you have them!

Big thanks to Double B for reaching out and getting me a few cards closer.

Lastly, I promised last weekend to get through the baseball cards that were sent my way from Steven at, so let's look at those, starting today with the team sets that he knocked off.

First up, the biggest of the bunch...

The Jays team set counts 31 in 1991 O Pee Chee (can't remember if that includes the "Mets" or "Angels" cards or not). I had a start on the set, but here Steven was able to knock down every last one of the needs. Sure, the cards look very much like their Topps counterparts, but just with more Canadian O Pee Chee flair.

With ball, almost, in glove, Rance and Al knock off the 30 card team set for 1992 Stadium Club. Enjoyed the look of the set and the only complaint on the front is that, in the same amount of space, if the Stadium Club was smaller or replaced by a team logo or name.

Lastly, a few single card team "sets"...

Though maybe a bit too much white, the Fleer Greats cards are nice as are getting a single card from broken box sets like Jesse, but Dave wins of the three. Apparently, I have about 31% of all Dave Stieb cards in my collection. I was shocked to see he only has about 400 cards, and a good 100 of those are from a couple sets he showed up in the last 5 years (thanks to all the different parallels, 1/1s etc.

A great bunch of Jays additions and a big thanks as always to Steven. Tomorrow, I'll wrap this up with the rest of the Jays.

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  1. That Pacific Gold Crown McDonald's insert set is fantastic! I've really grown to love those die-cut cards over the years.