Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A better portrait than Portrait

Before the cards, a quick note to say I got all the bigger packages off yesterday (the envelopes went the day I posted the pictures, and at least one has already been received). Most of them are remaining in Canada and the bigger ones have tracking, so with things as they are I'll keep an eye on them to see how long they do take to get to their destination since mail is all over the place these days.

Helpful tip I got from the guy at the counter was to sign up online for a small business account to save 5% on all shipping. Will have to check that out, though I don't think of myself as a small business....or has my trading become too much...

So, great to get a Portrait insert like this one...

But just putting the card all black and white doesn't necessarily make it a great portrait. Sure, a bit of feeling in  the look and all, but the rest of the cards in the pack (all keepers), provide a couple more cards that would have been more suitable in my mind.

There are two cards here that I would absolutely use before McDonagh. First Subban. The backstory to the photo is probably what drives it more here with his return to Montreal for the first time as a Predator. Maybe bring the zoom in a bit so it is more face, but either way, a great moment captured in a portrait.

Second, Lehtonen. Can we just get an entire goalie set, greatest masks of all time, exactly in that pose. Portrait would be great too, but a set of close ups just like that for the masks (with a side view on the back maybe)...excellent.

A very solid pack, let's hope this continues.

4 Packs, 32 Cards, 93 Points.

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