Monday, May 25, 2020

A bunch of O Pee Chee

This is going to be a picture heavy post as I share a number of sets, well, pieces of different O Pee Chee sets from the cards Jeff Scott provided.

We start with a lone Leaf card. Can understand why most wouldn't consider it a Leaf card, but I go both uniform or team association on the card as being a Leaf, so fits for me.

Of the set building, only one set these touch on that I was slowly working on. Reason generally being that O Pee Chee sets are typically huge, say 600 cards, and since I don't really get big lots, or buy boxes, I don't usually come across a good start to want to try and collect the rest.

A few different insert cards that I do enjoy, mostly retro parallels, but even a stick Sedin.

As for the rest, which I hope to find homes they are (and a single Topps card that snuck in too...)

Yes - quite a jump in years there. I think there may be a few O Pee Chee in between, but not many...will have to see as I get to the rest.

Phew! Anything you like, let me know, I will see what is still unaccounted for!


  1. Voting for the Bobby Clarke. Ryan Reaves and Claude Giroux get honorable mentions.

  2. OPC! Love the retro inserts! If you should want to part with any of those Blackhawks, I'd give them a good home. I'm only adding vintage and OPC Hawks to my small hockey collection.

  3. I've completed all the recent OPC sets that interested me, but I do love the '88-89 push-pin set.

    1. It does stand out as being different, and not in a bad way.