Sunday, May 17, 2020

Do you want the smoke?

A few packs left of the 2017-18 Upper Deck box, and we continue to get some great photography, nothing different here.

Sure, there aren't any inserts or a Young Gun or anything of the like, but can still appreciate some great photography.

Sure, you get some nice close ups with Kucherov and Wheeler, and some standard action shots with Backes and Sedlak. You also get a great Soderberg.

There have been a couple cards with that "through the smoke" look, and I think they would make a pretty neat collection. Hmmm...something to ponder...but I don't need another collecting goal right now....but this photo is why, just looks great. Anyway, a collection like that may end up with a lot of wrestlers (not a bad thing) given the pyros used for entrances....looking specifically at Goldberg for that one, but many others too.

8 Packs, 62 Cards, 317 Points.

I was recently able to trade away a final card for a collection to TCDB hockeydude (The Collector) which went against my nature because it was a Leaf card, however, since he wrote about needing the card, on his blog a while ago, and had been looking for the card for many years, I couldn't NOT send it to him (with the mail as it is, hopefully he should get it in the next week or two). He quickly offered up a nice bunch of cards for it, which is what I want to focus on because there was some nice cards that came across...

We have a few set builder cards...

Some assorted Blue Jays I needed...

A few Leafs...

With a couple really nice one-off Leaf team "sets" for...

2017 Sports Illustrated for Kids and...

A nice die cut Team Logo insert from 2016-17 O Pee Chee Platinum.

The best part of the trade was being able to provide someone with a last card to a set they had been trying to complete for quite a while...that'll be the best part, regardless of the nice cards that came my way.


  1. I love SI for Kids cards. That's probably the only Matthews card I own.

  2. Glad to see these arrived safely. I'll keep you in mind next time I have more Toronto cards for trade.