Friday, May 29, 2020

Jeff's Packs

When Jeff passed along his bunch of cards, I wasn't expecting to see some unopened packs, but here we are. Not much in it that I needed for the unopened pack collection, but did get one goodie.

Love getting a "new" pack from 20 years ago that I can add to the collection, and being a McDonalds one - even more awesome.

I thought this 2005-06 Rookie Box insert oversized card (5" x 7") was new to me, but I actually have one, so this will be a box topper for one of the packages I send out instead!

As for the rest of the packs...

So, rather than spread these ones out, let's go through them all today and hit the keepers/highlights.

Let's go through with 1990-91 Upper Deck first, which I am getting close on completing, and can hope to knock a few needs off what I have still outstanding.

Here are the keepers...

Yup. about 75 cards all in, and I end up with the Leaf cards and one card I need for the Victory set. Could have been worse I guess, but was hoping a bit better. At least there were a few inserts to keep...

These scan horrendously - 1990-91 Upper Deck hologram insrrts. Took a while for me to figure out that this is Mark Messier.

A Stars of the Game insert from Victory and...

A nice insert out of the McDonald's set with the Great One. This is actually the great one from these packs.

Fun opening, and a bunch more cards I already divvied most of to be sent out.


  1. mmmmn sssstickers lol have a great weekend Sir J!

  2. UD Retro was a great product line for Upper Deck.

    1. I wouldn't mind ending up with more - it is pretty great.