Saturday, May 9, 2020

A few different hockey sets

When I go through the Jeff Scott cards, always easiest to pick all the cards from a given set, if possible, and show them that way, so let's see a few here.

2008-09 Ovation. I don't mind the look of the cards, it's pretty solid in design - though again, more about colourful design than action shots. Good use of colour with the design. I only ever bought one tin of Ovation - can't recall which year it was, but didn't realize at the time, you were literally buying one quarter of the 200 card set, in order, and that there were four tins, so you could easily buy all 4 for a complete (but more expensive) set.

An interesting way to do it, but not a way I overly enjoyed. I believe the few Leafs were all I kept from it.

A sole 1990-91 Score Canadian card (which I did need, and a set I do collect. It was surrounded by...

A bunch of American version cards (which I don't need. I always looked at the Score logo to tell the two apart - or alternatively, the position on the back was green background and English only for the American, purple and English/French for the Canadian version.

Next up, some 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage. Vintage was a short lived line from Upper Deck in hockey and baseball. In some ways, an earlier adoption of what we see now in Archives or Heritage. Other than the background yellow/orange being a bit too offsetting, a solid layout for the cards and a good classic cardboard feel. Not keeping any of these, so a home they will find.

What I am keeping most of are these...

A nice bunch of red parallel Pacific cards from 1999-2000. Before there were 42 different colour parallels, when there may have been just a few, this is one that Pacific went with. Only difference in the cards being the red used on the Pacific logo stamp and across the bottom border I believe.

Oh, there is one dupe I will be shipping off...

Solid variety of cards though.


  1. I likea that ovation and vintage sauce.

  2. 1990-91 Score hockey is a great looking set. And I don't do the whole TTM thing... but the 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage cards would look awesome signed.

    1. The Vintage also have the nice O Pee Chee like cardboard feel, except thicker, so you know a signature can take really well to the card too.