Friday, May 1, 2020

Scoring to start the month

A new month, a new set of cards to show from Jeff Scott's stuff passed my way.

Today, another set that is in my slow builds, so let's see what we have...

2013-14 Score. You pretty much know what you are going to get with Score - a solid and fairly cheap set (but not Victory cheap), which is pretty big (650 cards here) and not a lot in the hits department.

I actually have over 60% of the set, so happy to inch closer to 2/3rd done being able to add these base cards. I like the leaders subset too. With the multi-head pose, the white actually tends to help the design I think.

We also have a single add to the gold border parallel set, and one of the really awesome Net Cam inserts. Sure, a lot of goalie derriere in the shot, but still an amazing rink view you don't usually see on cards.

We end with a couple pages of cards that are up for grabs...well, at the moment, I am hoping I can simply sort them to different people and make them disappear...shhhhh!


  1. Well, the Mrazek gets my vote easily.

    Not sure how that blasphemous Sabres card got in there.

  2. not a bad design at all! That NETCAM! If these are a regular insert series, I'm in trouble. Amazing shot!

    1. I too am very tempted to collect all the netcam cards!