Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Hat Trick

I thought, after getting this first card below of Hurme, I was going to talk about another good goalie posed card, but these base cards are great, but something better...

Yeah, not the Columbus prospects either, even if they fit three in one card...or this single dupe...

No, the talking point today is this...

A hat trick of Leaf cards in a single pack!

This bodes well for getting some more Leaf cards out of this box, but also, two of these I didn't yet have to begin with (I had one Hoglund already).

Mats continues to lead as far as Leaf cards in my collection, so nice to see another of his cards here.

Hoping the next pack is just as plentiful.

7 Packs, 70 Cards, 261 Points.

On a completely separate note, I have been working with the wife to do a bunch of home clean out and "spring cleaning" throughout the COVID time, and came across an odd card related item...

These cards (they are a little larger than the standard card size) are from a 2009 release regarding the Year of Astronomy. A long time family friend of my wife's parents was heavily involved in the running of some of the related events back in 2009 and she ended up shoving these cards aside. Not my cup of collecting "tea", and she has no need for them, so I have a home in mind to send them along to, but wanted to share them here first as they were a pretty neat find during the cleaning.


  1. Nice! Always cool seeing something i never have before. Bilingual too. Do you know where they originated? Looks like they may have been inserts from a magazine set that was issued bi-weekly or monthly.

    1. I don't because they were given to us, and I couldn't find much on them looking them up either now.

  2. Seeing Marleau and Nolan is pretty cool (and brings back good memories), but those astronomy cards are way cooler.