Thursday, September 17, 2020

Not Quite

I am finding it interesting looking into some of these prospects from the 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory base set as we open these packs, so let's see how these two fared.

Travis Scott had a single appearance for the Kinds in 2000-01, and then didn't dress again in the NHL ever. He played about 6 seasons in the AHL followed by a couple in Russia and one in Germany before calling it a career.

Andreas on the other hand had a solid NHL career. Starting in LA, then going to Florida, Detroit, Anaheim and Philadelphia, he played in 580 career NHL games, and won a Stanley Cup with Detroit in 2007-08 - I'd call that a winning career. He did spend some time on and off in the AH and his last season was there in 2012-13 before retiring.
These golds are nicer than the base white borders I think. They definitely continue to grow on me.
The rest of the base include one of my favourite snipers with Mogilny, and one of my favourite Canucks of all time in Linden.

14 Packs, 140 Cards, 513 Points.

THE - how about some more shares...a few new to me sets, and first additions for Jays in these sets...

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot - a set I hadn't seen before this box, and now I have most of the pure base Jays cards in the set. I really like the design, but my one nit-pick would be the background on the front would be fine is just left alone instead of the purple/blue tint to it.

Still never a fan of those uniforms either...

2004 Playoff Prestige - very similar to Sweet Spot above, didn't have any Jays from the set beofre this and now, four including Delgado from yesterday. The uniforms - still meh. To be clear, I am fine with the "Toronto" shirts - it's the T logo and the hats.

I at least know the set - 2007 Topps Chrome - I just didn't have any until getting these three. I think the Wells catch wins for best photo though, pretty easily.

Last up...

2008 Upper Deck Documentary. The only issue I have with the set is, if you are going to document every game, have a picture from that game on the card, instead of reusing the same photo on multiple cards. Other than that, I wish they would do this set every year, great way to keep cardboard memories of each and every game of a season.

Still plenty more to show from this one...but maybe next time!


  1. Yeah. UD dropped the ball with 2008 Documentary. Had they used a photo from the actual game for each card, I feel like that would have been a landmark set.

  2. I agree the T-bird logo wasn't the best. Almost Mud Hens-ish..
    I did like ths other uniforms from that time though.
    Hated the Angry Jays