Thursday, September 3, 2020

Sharing Surprises

First, some random thoughts on sports and on cards.

Raptors are in tight I think with Boston, how they come out in game 3 will make or break it. That make or break may have already happened where they kind of folded in the fourth quarter of game two, but hopefully they can pull inspiration from last year and the Bucks.

Hall of Famer Tom Seaver passed away the other day. Always sad to see a great one go, and I am know others here on the blogs will do a much better job that I could remembering the Mets legend.

The last few days and probably for another, I've been going through all my 1990 Donruss cards in TCDB and updating it to be correct for all the variations (when I originally added them, there wasn't the different variations). It is exhausting having to focus on little dots after INC. Will be happy when it is done because I got a nice package of cards from Jeff Scott I would love to share, but trying not to fo 10 things at once hobby wise. Maybe this weekend.

Anyway, card wise, rhis post is all thanks to the random generosity of TCDB member avsbruins65 who simply saw some cards on my want list that he had, and sent them my way.

I can't underscore the general generosity of the members I have met at TCDB - just amazing as this is an example of that.

There was a set need - 1993 Donruss - I will get to you in due time. I know the cards aren't really going out of circulation any time will be had.

We have the sole Jay in the 1993 Triple Play Gallery of Stars insert set with Pauly Moli.

The remaining Jays here spread a wide period with an early 80s sticker Barry Bonnell and a 2013 Pinnacle Bautista. The 2001 Topps Archive always throw me off with the "only the foil stamp makes it different" bit.

As you can see, it is the Leafs that took up most of the PWE. Love a number of these sets as 1995-96 Select has grown on me, 1997-98 Donruss Preferred has always been a favourite, as has anything Masterpieces. Add in a great Cujo Sports Illustrated Kids card, and this is a great bunch of new Leafs.

Much appreciated avsbruins65!


  1. Hmm. A couple Curtis Josephs, an Ed Belfour (which I don't think is a rookie card), a Paul Molitor. Voting for the first CuJo.

  2. The Gallery of Stars are nice cards.

    1. They are not quite Diamond Kings, but very nice nonetheless.

  3. I really like the 1993 Triple Play Gallery of Stars inserts... because they resemble the Diamond Kings sets. And any post with an older SI4K's card is a solid post.