Saturday, September 12, 2020

A Super Stopper

A couple updating items first...

This past week, I was able to sell off all of two basketball sets and 2 Kevin Durant cards and get about $150 for them. If you told me, when I got them all in the Santa Lot, I'd get that out of it a few years later, I'd call you crazy. The basketball prices especially (but really all sports cards right now), are crazy and just waiting for the drop.

So what I am doing with the money? I am in the process of trying to get a "massive lot" of mixed cards for $60. At a glance, I am guessing there are 10k cards or so, which, whenever it is less than a penny a card, I'll take the chance as I should be able to get out what I want and move things along otherwise - or use a bunch for trade bait. Can't go wrong at less than a penny a card - besides which, there are about 10 binders, so if even half the pages are decent - that's a good part of the money right there. Fingers crossed as it'd be fun to go through for $60.

Third, I got a great little box from by favourite online card shop - and there is a bunch of great stuff in it, so rather than hit a post or two, I'll tack on some stuff here and there over the next little while to give me some regular Toronto content!

Oh - and the Raptors played last night - and I didn't get a chance to see it live, but plan to watch today....

Highlight of today's 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory pack is the nice gold parallel...

I do like the Super Stopper checklist cards in this set.

Arturs, I remember most, for starting with the expansion San Jose Sharks. He had a short stint with each Vancouver and Dallas, but the other team he played a longer period for is, as shown here, Carolina.

The man could be a workhorse as he had over 74 games three times in his career and led a couple years in minutes played, each being over 4,400 minutes those seasons. He was a two time All Star, and did have two solid stints which these represent - one in San Jose in the early 90s, and again with Carolina in the late 90s. He was a good goalie with patches of being high level, but never seemed to stay at that level and didn't get a Stanley Cup ring in his career.

As for the rest of the pack...

A couple solid Philly cards and another base Super Stopper in Cloutier.

9 Packs, 90 Cards, 343 Points.

I'll end today with a nice little PWE trade with TCDB member Fireprooflowlife. I had the opportunity to trade away about 30 Upper Deck football cards and turn them into a PWE of wrestling inserts - sign me up for that any day!

These are all from 2015 and 2016, and as much as I like the Anti-Authority inserts (so I now have 9 of the 18), I really like the Hogan and Hacksaw ones as these are images that remind me of my childhood. I remember Duggan becoming King of the Ring, and even then as a kid wondering how that happened as I never considered him a good wrestler (but a great personality to be fair). As for Hogan, this wasn't the last time Mr. America donned a mask, but at least this one was a bit less hockey as he was just another of the many Machines.


  1. A friend of the family was from Latvia. So I remember Irbe from his Sharks tenure.

  2. Congratulations on flipping those basketball cards. Perfect time to sell. I just don't have the time to list items... and most of my high end stuff are part of my Kobe and Jordan collections, which I want to keep.

    Love that Irbe. He will forever be a SJ Shark in my eyes. He's one of the main reasons I started collecting hockey cards.