Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Year In Review

 Yet another year in the books, so let's take a quick look at goals, and how this year went.

Going into 2019 for the blog, I had a few goals, let's see how I did on those.

1) Share all my 2019 US trip cards

Yeah, so this didn't happen, but that was a good thing! The reason it didn't happen, in large part, was because I had some trades and bigger boxes of that like to go through, including numerous cards from Jeff Scott,, and others.

I'd like to say I'll get to the remaining boxes in 2021, but no guarantees on that (consider that foreshadowing for tomorrow).

2) Complete 10 sets

I am probably missing a few, but here is what I do have written down as my 2020 complete sets...

Not bad given I generally wasn't going after completing sets. I kept them in mind when trades were offered, to see if there was anything that would move along a close set.

3) Buy NO new cards

So this lasted well for about 6 months, then mid-year with the pandemic and all, I gave in a bit to buying a few things, but by far my costs this year were on shipping and trading compared to any buying that I did, so it was definitely down a bit.

So with that all said, what did I do this year? Well, here is a final tally with all of the boxes that I opened and scored on my own system...

Looking at a Top 10, which I don't usually do, here is a list of the 10 cards I pulled this year that were most memorable to me.

1) 2019-2020 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Zach Hyman Autograph

By far my best pull of the year as not only was it long odds to get any Tim Horton's autograph, but then of course I pull a Leaf one at that.

2) 2020 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania - Base Card #35 - Bobby Lashley Gold Parallel 09/10

This was my shortest SN'd card pulled this year at only 10.

3) 2019 Topps Opening Day Joey Votto Diamond Dirt Relics DR-JV

First I had heard of and seen for a "dirt" relic, which is pretty cool and interest, and appropriate as Joey Votto seems to be the guy I pull cards of this year.

Here is the rest...

Overall, a great collecting year, and next year will be quite different but likely, even more interesting!


  1. Congratulations on completing 15 sets! That's really cool... and that Votto is so flippin' sweet.

    1. Thanks - collecting-wise, 2020 was a solid year. :)

  2. In the scan, the dirt kind of looks like confetti :)