Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Getting Close

 As the hobby bow of 2019 Topps WWE RAW cards is coming to close, just 4 [acls left, but going to be close on getting the complete base set - today's pack definitely helps.

This puts us down to 8 base cards needed, and three packs left to open.

I'm right on pace for the bronze parallels as I should have 11 or 12 of them by the end of this.

The Hometown Heroes inserts should end up just short of half way

Happily they included the province and country - it bothers me when they simply say from Marieville, Canada.

The legends insert set is 20 cards big so depending on whether there is one in the pack I stuck away, I should be able to complete this insert set as well, just a couple lef.

20 Packs, 144 Cards, 827 Points.


  1. Well, I've heard of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    1. The only wrestler on this page that I'm familiar with.

    2. The "oldest" wrestler otherwise would be Natalya, but although she started wrestling in 2000, it wasn't until 2007 that she made it to WWE, long past the days of Stone Cold's leading the company.