Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Double Gold

We are past the half way mark of the 2019 Topps WWE RAW box, and we get a double gold medalist meaning...not just one Kurt Angle... 

but two....

Not going to complain, definitely needed the base version, and all these base cards actually. Interesting, as three of the four cards are for non-wrestlers...and really, Sunil didn't do much wrestling either. Not going to count Kurt's career in the ring since, at this point, he was just an authority figure on the show.

We end the pack with a couple long term WWE guys. Dolhp has had a solid and long career. It's easy to forget that he is a former world champion as he seems to always be at the upper end of the mid card, but keep in mind he has been in WWE since 2004 when he debuted as Kerwin White's caddy...no more need to be said about that angle.

Speaking of longevity, and yes, of course he had a bit of time off with retirements and injuries, but keep in mind he debuted in WWE in 1987 and will probably still wrestle a match here and there into 2021 or 2022 (though it probably would be after things get more back to normal).

13 Packs, 95 Cards, 641 Points.


  1. Is Kurt Angel just an announcer these days? I think he was starting to get popular as a wrestler the last time I watch wrestling on a regular basis.

    1. Kurt isn't doing much WWE these days - he had his last run, did a bit of "guy in charge of the show" stuff, and then away he went, at least for now.