Thursday, December 24, 2020

A&G On Christmas Eve

First up, an early Christmas present - a new blog to follow for anyone interested, coming to you from

I've talked about Steven (and Nancy) and their online dime box shop, which has been a great (Canadian) addition to the card community, but wanted to mention the new blog. If you haven't checked out the website, the blog gives you another reason to

So I took a look at the few boxes remaining to see what I could fit in and finish before the new year. That lead me to start a box today, on Christmas Eve Day.

I have yet to take any real run at completing an A&G set - I like the inserts, but the sets themselves are too big for what you get in a pack and just not in my list of sets I am really fond of. So, not really interested in the base cards here, but the inserts will be kept. Maybe even a Jay or two will be had.

As always, we skim a pack for the collection (I think I am missing 2012, but have 2011 through 2018 otherwise now).

First pack and base cards up first...

Typical A&G design, and also typical for players, some old some new. No complaints as you know what you are getting with A&G.

Every six packs, you are supposed to get one of these magnificent moon inserts. Again, very A&G with topics outside of baseball and sports being focused on in the insert sets.

Europa is the smallest of Jupiter's 4 Galilean moons, and now, I'll remember that. See, baseball cards can be educational.

Almost missed this base card - it is one of the high number short prints, so will hold on to it for now.

Also, as is so A&G, you get one mini card in each pack. They are inserts, with this being the basic miniature version of the normal base card design.

1 Pack, 6 Cards, 15 Points

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  1. Hadn't placed an order at baseballcardstore since before summer... but just dropped the equivalent to a blaster over there. It'll give me something to flip through to kick off the new year.