Sunday, December 27, 2020

World Talent

 A&G continues to provide knowledge as it is apt to do. I knew Aruba was not a hotbed of MLB talent over the years, but didn't realize Bogaerts was only the 5th native to make it to the majors. By far, the biggest star, and a home country hero to be sure.

Actually, the design of the card is pretty nice too, however one easy and big change I would make - why not have the globe actually reflect and centre in on the country in the subject matter? I know, it means having to use a different positioning for each card and not the same frame/border, but it would make a big difference.

Today's mini...

A solid pickup...and the base..

Still no Jays, but can I really complain about a Ted Williams card? No - can't complain about it one bit. Odor...yeah, could complain about him...

4 Packs, 24 Cards, 54 Points

It may also just be a couple days past Christmas, but still a good time to share holiday cheer. I received this card in the mail...

From althib, who I traded with a few times in the past. He was nice enough to send along cheer and a few cards...

A nice bunch of Leaf cards, and quite varied. The Vaive and Baun are nice with the retro look for the retro In The Game set.


  1. Can't tell if the Bogaerts is a box topper (I assume it is) because the others are mini. Either way, it's an awesome card. And so is the Bob Baun!

    1. Oops, I guess just the Turner is a mini. Can you tell I've never bought any A&G?

    2. Trust me - I don't buy much of it either.

  2. Good idea about the globe. I feel like I've seen that done before on other sets.