Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Leave It To Seaver

 So, I leave it to Seaver to be again, the insert only, be the new card in this pack.

The story on this one is a bit weak, just mentioning that he cracked up during the 1970 All Star Game when asked twice to pitch a change up. Cute and a quick story to put a smile on your face, so I guess it gets the job done.

These on the other hand, don't get the job done at all.

Frankly, they do little for me....HAH!

10 Packs, 70 Cards, 132 Points.


  1. The Doolitte and Springer cards are neat, and it's always nice to pull a Seaver card- even if the story isn't terrific

  2. Lol. Love the the title of your post. I wonder if Salvador's Chrome card features the same photo. If so... I want a refractor.

  3. Well, Perez is a 6-time All-Star with 5 Gold Gloves.

    1. Absolutely not a comment on player performance - definitely quality there...but on set completion...a bomb...