Sunday, December 20, 2020

Bring The Smoke

 Another day of a single new card from this duplicate box...

At least it's a really good one. Remember when opening days were really cool, and people were actually allowed into the games, and the stands were full of non-cut out, real flesh and blood people?

Have to see what happens come the 2021 season, but don't think we will quite be back to life as pre-COVID "normal".

Now that being said, should the teams still go big with the theatrics and pomp when there aren't the fans there, but only fans at home to entertain? I can see both points of view, but expect that, as long as the games can go on, the cost cutting will be done to try and ensure the teams survive until fans can be welcomed back.

Maybe the next pack? Maybe? One more new base card? Please?

8 Packs, 56 Cards, 100 Points.


  1. Seems like this is the fourth or fifth pack in a row with all dupes (with the exception of the insert). Hope things turn around soon.