Saturday, December 19, 2020

Still Having Fun

 The way these packs are going, I am not having a lot of luck, so trying to focus on still having a lot of fun, just like this man.

I like the back of the card (should have scanned it), and it makes a lot of sense - Derek's view was that Game 7 of the World Series should feel the same as a Little League game, in that you should always be having fun and enjoying the game.

Now if you are making tens of millions of dollars a year, it does make it a bit easier to play (though for some, I am sure that comes with a lot of added pressure, so maybe it's actually harder), but nice to see that having fun is still important. Like anyone - if you find something you love to do, all you have to do is then find someone who will pay you to do it. Easy peasy when it's baseball.

So, would you believe yet another day of all dupe base cards?

Albies and Polanco, I still really like your pics. Will Smith - I still like that you are an error card and not actually Will Smith, but I don't need another copy either.

7 Packs, 49 Cards, 87 Points.


  1. So there's a Will Smith pitcher and a Will Smith catcher? They need to get on the same team.

  2. Will Smith actually faced Will Smith for the first time in the sixth inning of Game 5 of the 2020 NLCS. Smith homered off Smith to help give the Dodgers the victory in that game.