Friday, December 11, 2020

Who's Last?

Well, I can pretty much guess at what cards are in that one pack I kept unopened. Getting Sycho Sid here, leaves Goldberg as the only legend card I haven't pulled in this box, so 99% chance he is in there. Still, will see if I can trade to get him.

As noted, have about half of these Hometown Hero cards - not looking to complete the insert set, but not against getting more of them. Good to get Drew though. SInce there is one of these per pack, there will be someone I don't have, hiding in that last hobby pack.

Another bronze, but I am just shy on what would be expected, so there is likely a bronze parallel in that last pack.

Unfortunately no luck, these are all dupes, which means my base cards in that final pack are...

- Booket T
- Charly Caruso
- Ruby Riott
- Akira Tozawa

Which makes sense since there would be 4 base cards, a Legend of Raw card, a Hometown Hero, and a bronze parallel.

23 Packs, 165 Cards, 884 Points.

A solid showing from the box, and I'll work on getting those last cards in before year end to complete the base and legends insert sets - but a fun box regardless.


  1. I like that Elias photo. Good post.

  2. It's nice that if you open a full box, Topps provides a complete set. That's good collation. You've got some willpower, because I think I'd just open up that last pack.

    1. Should all work out shortly...I did my TCDB homework and should be good soon. :)