Friday, December 4, 2020

No Way!

 Another wrestler hot pack today.

Also, another case of a wrestler who had his best WWE days in NXT. Jose just seemed to get lost on the main roster. He was a weaker Adam Rose / Rosebuds type act and hit the same ceiling where he just wasn't taken seriously, so never made it to anything more than the low card on the main roster.

A shame as he seemed to have some talent, could see him as a solid mid carder.

There's the base No Way Jose to make it 2 for the pack. Also has him with Breeze and Itami, two more talents who had better days in NXT. Sasha luckily broke through that mold - in part due to the women's revolution as it were.

Speaking of people breaking through...

One that, even to his own admission, had no reason to be a top star as he wasn't the most athletic or best technical wrestler, but he would make guys look great and take a lot of punishment.

16 Packs, 116 Cards, 725 Points.


  1. Mankind was entertaining for sure. Love when he teamed up with The Rock. As for NXT... I know it's like the minor leagues for WWE... but do they get to ever wrestle on the big shows like RAW and Smackdown? Like undercards? Or does NXT have their own show?

    1. With NXT, it's interesting because originally it was very much like the minors - they were "called up" to the main shows and continue their careers. Recently, there has been more of a flow to some wrestlers going back to NXT like Finn Balor or Ember Moon. NXT is so much more of a wrestling show compared to a sports entertainment show, that I think some prefer being on NXT. It does have it's own show as well, and own special events (War Games this Sunday for example).