Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Lost To Time

Whether you think of it directly or not - all cardboard collectors have an interest in history to some degree. Some may even have named their blog about this history of cardboard. It may be the simple, enjoyment of the sport and baseball, your favourite players, their play from year to year, or it may be bigger - the history of a sport or topic in general.

A&G knows this, and plays it a little wider, again with some of the insert sets, like this one which is found at one card every 50 packs.

This is pretty cool - recognizing a number of countries that have been lost to time for one reason or another, and preserving (and reminding) people of that which is history, and has been lost to time.

Interesting that they seem to pull countries from a wide range of time - New Grenada existing in the mid-1800s.

Speaking of history, because there is such a long history of baseball, and stats continue to evolve, some have taken on the task of going back and putting stats to players, years, that didn't have the stats known at the time and tracked.

Total Zone Runs is essentially a defensive measure of runs saved due to above average zone in defense, and Clemente leads this by a large amount.

I find it just as interesting to understand how they went back and are able to go game to game and play to play and figure out these stats. There's an interesting day job.

Base cards including a Johnny Bench? Again, some good highlights in the base cards, just none to fit into my collection.

6 Packs, 36 Cards, 134 Points


  1. That flag insert set is one of the coolest I've seen. Much better than the farm set and the minerals set.

  2. Flags of lost nations is a good idea, I just wonder how many modern collectors care about it, after all history isn't exactly the most popular subject these days.

    1. Completely agree - very cool material, but as a collectible in a set like this..."meh".