Monday, December 7, 2020

Shirts By Rhino

 Okay, so the Heath base card made me laugh.

Heath and Rhyno made for a fun tag team and I think that fun and enjoyment was real, which is what allowed fans to buy into it and cheer them along. The "I Got Kids" shtick was a bit better, but good to know Rhyno has talents outside of wrestling. Always good to have some skills to fall back on in retirement.

Right on course with these Ronda inserts which fall every 6 packs. On a side note, it says she locks in an armbar...but technically in the photo, it's not locked in yet as Nia has her hands clutched together still. Small point, I know.

19 Packs, 137 Cards, 799 Points.


  1. Not familiar with any of the gents... but recognize both ladies.

  2. Live Morgan is always a fun pull. Apollo looks like he'd give ya a beat down while smiling the entire time.