Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Home-country Hero

 Another perfect pack of cards which are all new for me.

Okay, not the most star studded pack of base cards, highlighted by Bayley. On a 90 card base set, I am a bit surprised that there are so many announcers, like Mike Rome here, but thinking about it, it may be because they usually have legends but I guess it may be due to having them relegated to the legends of Raw insert set.

I get the hometown hero perspective, but you could have just said Japan as I think the country was behind him - too bad it didn't pan out in WWE, in large part due t untimely and significant injuries.

We end in time because it's VADER TIME. I still think his role on Boy Meets World was one of the best "wrestlers on a sitcom" appearances ever.

14 Packs, 102 Cards, 669 Points.


  1. The Hideo is cool. Wish they made a card for Asuka in that set.

  2. Bayley is always a good pull and agree with Fuji - an Asuka hometown hero would be great.

  3. That last wrestler is blasphemy. I hope he always loses.