Saturday, December 12, 2020

Not Such A Surprise

 A change of pace from the wrestling, a quick Dollarama surprise bag today...

So what do we have inside?

The Canadian franchise packs can be great if all Leafs...

Not the case today, but I did need the top two cards for set builds.

As for the 1000 point pack...

No keepers for me but at least a Bruin I can pass along to a certain someone.

Last up, the 6 hockey card pack...

Again, two keepers in this one with the Score Traded and 2017-18 Upper Deck being set build needs, the rest, not to keep, but the 2010-11 Certified is an interesting card to pick up in the repack.

A bit of a dud overall, but can't all be winners. At least there were a couple Bruins to pass along.


  1. What's the story behind the Bruins guy with the bat? I know that ain't Bourque. Is it Neely or Oates? And did they play minor league baseball or something?

    1. It is Adam Oates, and not sure if he had baseball aspirations, or just want a slightly different pose...