Tuesday, June 15, 2021

1988 Stickers

So this may not be the sport of my choice, but it still brings back memories of those 1988 stickers.

As was done at the time, some of the stickers are actually two smaller stickers which are not in number order, and hence look sideways here, and some are full stickers, but size wise, they are smaller than a normal trading card - here are 12 stickers.

With the red borders on the sticker part, they are not as reminiscent of the baseball stickers as the sticker backs. These look very much like the baseball card backs.

As is the same with baseball, the backs are different than the fronts and there seem to be about 4 combinations of backs for each sticker side.

There isn't a complete set of sticker fronts or sticker backs here, but a good 85 "cards".

We also have some foil stickers which are for the all star cards, which I don't mind.

No team logo cards though....

Since there wasn't anything there for my collection, why not a small package which is more collection worthy.

I had a small PWE trade with first time trade partner kleskomaniac from TCDB which brought me:

The couple Winfield cards were not new, but evened the trade a bit. I don't keep duplicate Jays cards on my want list, but will happily tag them in if needed to even a trade.

Murphy is the printing error card as you can see the black line in D from Dale.

THe card that made me go "oooh" was Bichette and the "The 6" variation - a sweet addition for a card I wouldn't go out of my way to find, but happy to pick up by trade!

Many thanks for the small PWE of happiness!


  1. Never seen these red bordered football stickers before. I like how the backs matched their baseball counterpart.

  2. I don't remember a lot of the players, but the stickers themselves still look really good after all of these years.

    1. Not being big into football, I only recognize a couple faces, so you got me beat.