Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Reading the Fine Print Run

 No messing around, we have another bunch of print run or serial numbered cards - or should have been serial numbered cards. Some may not be new, we saw them not too long ago, but more copies, more merrier, right?

Let's first start though with the base card additional as we get some more help in 1994-95 Score hockey.

At this point I am closing in on half way complete on the 275 card set, all of which outside of the Leafs, are cards picked up from this lot, so that's cool. Interesting fact that, the reason this set is only 275 cards is because it was really supposed to be series 1 with series 2 cancelled because of the lock out of 1994, and it was replaced instead by Select on the card release schedule.

Though some stars are missing from this set, probably being saved for series 2, there are still solid stars like Adam Oates here.

I know I've shared a similar photo'd card that was more recent, but can't remember who it was. Can't put my finger (or foot) on it. Still a nice and different shot, but that's going to bother me until I remember the other similar card.

Here we go with some print run keepers, and a Zellers card too. We saw a few of these draft pick cards before, and as I say, kind of my limit for going back to "minor league" level cards. At least these are draft pick recognition to show who they were drafted by, so I can live with keeping those.

As for the Pilote, that is a very cool Zellers card...remember Zellers? Zellers was a store chain that was nationwide in Canada as a kid, though back in 2011, Target bought up most of their leased locations in Canada as the chain essentially liquidated then. In researching now, I found out that parent company, Hudson's Bay actually kept a couple locations open until January of last year as liquidation stores for The Bay whereas I thought they were all gone back in about 2013.

Anyway, Zellers have small Masters of Hockey sets for a few years in the mid 90s - each being less than 10 cards per set, Pilote coming from the 1994-95 version.

Last up....

As I say, have seen some of the pre-auto Dawson football cards, the Bevil ones as well, and Flair keeps adding cards so I may revising collecting 1994 Flair by time this lot is done.

A fun run on the cards today!


  1. That 1994-95 Zellers Pilote card is really cool. I like the design and the photo shoot style photographs.

    1. I don't know if I like the black background, or if I rather have the rink there....

    2. After looking at the Pilote a little more, the card kind of reminds me of photographs Upper Deck used before. I remember the first hockey holograms they produced had guys doing the same pose.

  2. Randy Velischek has a similar photo to the Pearson, but it's older - 1990 -91 Upper Deck.

  3. Drake Caggula had a similar photo on his base card in 2015-16 UD. There's also a Leafs card like that in one of the UD Canvas inserts but I don't remember who or which year.

  4. I know someone that worked at Zellers back in the day. I wonder if she still has all her hockey cards..