Monday, June 21, 2021

Score More Score

 I can't believe we are closing in on half way through 2021 already - time sure flies. Kind of like these cards fly into my collection as I try to keep moving forward with a back burner set, 1992-93 O Pee Chee.

It's funny going through these - every now and then you come across a card that has some rough spot on the back which is from the packaging of the wax pack. You can tell it must have been the last card in the pack, and able to feel the wax that was left behind on the card.

Awesome that these bring the set up to one-third complete, not bad so far with a good while to go on this lot.

The Leaf cards for today...

No "big name" Leafs, but that's just fine.

A nice error card to boot with Petri Skriko, except, it's Keith's card.

The rest...

Some nice goalie dupes if nothing else.


  1. The first three months of the year dragged on for me personally. Teaching kids on Zoom wasn't fun. But as soon as some of the kids returned to the classroom (the rest were still on Zoom), the year started flying by. Now I just want the next two months to slow back down... so I can enjoy my summer break.

    1. I don't envy you at all for the Zoom teaching - as hard as it is for the students, I commend all teachers who had to try and connect and teach through video - trying to get students engaged must be near impossible!

    2. Everyone involved in education from parents to students to administrators to teachers were hit hard by the pandemic and suffered. Hopefully things are much closer to normal by the end of summer. As for keeping students engaged... it was definitely a huge challenge. I really missed the interaction with kids this past school year.