Monday, June 7, 2021

More Holograms, and Inserts

 Another day, some more hologram work with 1991 Upper Deck Baseball.

It seems that a bunch of the cards I am seeing numbered below 100 from the set, are the "baseball" variant for the hologram, which is pretty cool.

Not the only holograms I am focused on today though.

These full card size team logo hologram inserts were really cool, and I still like. I like them much better than the smaller ones from the year before I believe it was. Not sure why the Montreal one has the sparkle background...but hope it isn't another hologram variation issue!

A couple Blue Jays are always welcome, even if they aren't new to me. Especially Fred with the multi-bat holding pose, love it.

As for the normal base card additions...

Nice to see a Nolan Ryan card as I would have thought all such cards would have been scooped out of these. Still haven't seen much of Griffey Junior, but I'll take some Nolan cards any time!

The rest from the bunch today...

Too bad the large holograms are dupes, but they are still awesome!

Not so awesome...a few damaged basketball cards...packing material it is!

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