Friday, June 4, 2021

Bloody Holograms

At times, I hate being a detailed person. I'd like to gloss over the little differences because it is so much easier to do so, but I can't.

So, here's one that came to my attention - 1991 Upper Deck baseball apparently has a few different holograms used on the home plate shape stamped on the back of the cards. There are at least a few variations:

- "Normal" being the UPPER DECK wording being repeated - though can be in both directions

- A "baseball" and Upper Deck wording - the baseballs move as you move the card 

- A '90 NHL hockey type, left over I guess from the prior year hockey set?

- May also then be a 1992 Upper Deck logo type stamp (though I have none of these in hand)

Why must I care?

So, it is a set I want to complete, and it seems the "normal" hologram is the abundant one, so will try and just finish the main set with it, but will keep the other cards as variations because that's what I do!

Here are two of the baseball hologram cards and an uncorrected error card of Sammy Sosa - all nice keepers.

These are the rest of the keepers, a few 1993-94 Score Canadian stragglers which show the emphasis again at the time, to the brand spanking new Panthers, and we get some "normal" 1991 Upper Deck baseball keepers.

I will say, the Panther logo card is pretty cool. I wasn't a fan of the early 90s MLB logo hologram inserts, would have much rather they be actual cards like this.


As I say, Panthers were a focus...just a few dupes.

As for football, if one random card shows up, could do worse than a Steve Young card, also known as a solid phone-om-a-card card.

Let's end today with a complete surprise, a pay it forward package from TCDB user avsbruins65 which hits a bunch of 00s Leafs.

{Pacific Exhibit is a new one on me - very heritage type feel, though not quite there on the front card design look, but very nice.

Some other mid 00 needs and a neat schedule for 2006-07. I don't specifically collect schedules at all, this is the first I have I believe, but very cool and will find a play to be kept and displayed.

A handful of 1999-2000 Pacific Omega needs which I would have thought I would have more of, but Pacific was "hot" when my collecting was not, and just hasn't been as big a thing to get in trades the last few years I guess.

I do like the Domi close up In The Action card, even if, as a brand, In The Game is not a favourite.

Really a great surprise overall though, which is excellent!


  1. I only found out about the different holograms after joining the TCDB. Looking back, I can honestly say that I was better off not knowing about them.

    1. Agreed - now knowing, at least for the Toronto cards I collect....I care, but I really don't want to.

  2. That Fitzgerald card was one of, if not THE first card I got from 1993-94 Score.

    1. I am pretty sure back in the day, the Johnny V. was the first I picked up from the set. They were pushing those expansion teams!

  3. I totally want one of those hockey hologram versions for my Tony Gwynn PC.

  4. I've recently broken my 1991 Upper Deck baseball set, let me know if I can send anything your way and I'll send you my Tcdb list. Or just follow from my profile. I'm pretty specific about the variations as well, so they are correctly identified.

    No Gwynn hockey hologram version, sorry Fuji.

    1. Appreciate the offer and will take a look.

      Yeah - unfortunately correct on the Gwynn for Fuji.

    2. Bummer. Thanks for the information though.