Friday, June 25, 2021

Hockey Galore

 With today's cards, makes me wonder if this will be the hockey set we see the most of overall in this lot. We have more 1992-93 Upper Deck, which means looking at holograms!

As part of my "why the heck not", let's collect a set of both hologram types with this set, I will keep the above cards with their logo and text holograms, whereas the rest below either are just the logo, or are the higher numbered cards that only come with both, and that I already have.

Still really love the artwork on the team checklist cards. So well done that, if you know the players of the time well at all, you can recognize them all easily enough.

Unlike before which was just a run of cards in order, a bit less order, and some dupes together with these ones. Still some great photo work like the Peter card in bottom right.

We end with another great goalie dupe photo as well.


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    1. Proves they exist and are "there" - but cuts down on my scanning! Sometimes I'll do front and back if I have both and the backs are worth showing.