Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Quick Pro Set Addition

 A quick post today since there isn't too much to say about these...except there is one card I will keep...

Yes, a sprinkling more 1990-91 Pro Set....

I still like the fact they did cards for refs. Any sets come to mind for baseball where umps were included?

A bunch more Pro Set of the football variety.

As I said, short and sweet today, but still productive!


  1. Some Hall of Famers in the football section: Marino, Slater, Carter, Dickerson.

  2. Night Owl just wrote a post about his completed 1955 Bowman Dodgers team set... and he mentions the umpire cards in that set.

    1. Yeah, good timing - I read that post just a bit earlier this morning. Didn't know about them - very cool.