Thursday, June 24, 2021


 I would never tell my wife the amount of grief periods give me when it comes to the hobby - she just wouldn't understand, and also wouldn't find it funny, but I didn't know way back when, just how Donruss perfected the art of confusing punctuation.

Today, we have a bunch of 1992 Donruss cards. It is also the first time since TCDB has updated the set for the various differences (see INC versus INC.), so means I needed to go through the cards I already have, and the Jays cards to make sure my collection is correct.

Do I can for purposes of completing a set? No. I do however like my record keeping to be correct, so I do want to know which version of each card I have.


Especially considering the size of the font on these things and the period.

DeShields and Grace are a couple guys of that I think are in my "second tier" when it comes to players I really loved. First tier are guys like Puckett, Gwynn, Joe Carter. Those top tier guys are personal faves and the "if I collected players, it would be them" type of guys. Second tier are the ones I really like to see on cards I get, but won't go out of my way to collect like a player collector would - but guys I really respect and admire for their play of the game.

Here are some card backs, and you can see the small "Inc" line going along the left side (bottom to top, sideways). Yes, I looked through all my cards to ensure the collection on TCDB reflects what I have. No, I am not going out of my way on this one to make a difference between the two and what I collect to complete the set.

Bernie better watch out - looks like that bat is after him!

With the set being 784 cards, I think this brings me about 30% of the way there..plenty to go.

There were a few Jays...

Funny enough, looking at the Inc. versus Inc cards, a couple of these were actually "new". Or as new as a card can be for missing a dot.

For whatever reason, I only have 2 Rod Carew puzzle pieces before today, but happily, we add to that here...

I like these puzzles and find it hard not to have a put together puzzle completed and framed or kept, but it's just the room it would need to have them all done that way which is an easy stop to actually doing it.

Unlike the Dennis uncorrected error card below, these three are crimped cards - though I thing best seen on Finley along the right side. Very unusual as crimping is typically across the top or bottom of the card where the packages are closed. Not sure why we have it on the side for these three, but I keep them as errors.

As per usual, the best of the rest...which is all the rest...and isn't really good enough to be the best since it's all going to be finding a new home.


  1. I have always liked this set when I was growing up. There is a lot of memories. I cannot wait to upload them into the database but I will regret the dot vs no dot battle.

  2. Gotta wonder who discovered this variation, because it's such a small detail and what if that person happened to have two copies with or without the dot on the day he/she discovered it. They deserve a prize or something. Okay... off to see which version I have in my Gwynn collection and whether or not I have the other version in my duplicate box.

    1. Definitely in the list of variations that we are probably best off having never discovered....but once you know, you gotta have them both!