Saturday, June 5, 2021

I've Seen You Before

The cards today are from two sets I have seen fairly often. 

1991 Ultra Baseball is a set I do have completed, and does have a couple nice error cards - ones where the number printed on the card was incorrect which I find to be a pretty significant one. I assume in those cases, there was a change to the ordering of the cards, but someone messed p and didn't make the change correctly, but just a guess.

We also have a bunch of unwanted 1991 Upper Deck Football.

The Santa Lot a few years ago provided a lot of this set - maybe about 1,500 cards, and I now have probably less than 1-- or so remaining. So, I know the cards can be traded and I can find homes for them, but I don't really want to have to do so with so much more of it.

Luckily, if nothing else, I'll pass this stuff along to Steven at and they can find a good home that way instead.

Well, one good thing at least with the Ultra set, is I can still end up with something to keep...

We have Tom Henke card number 11.

I'll end today with no more pictures, but a quick package update. I have been keeping an eye on 401games for supplies like penny sleeves because, although I am not yet in desperate need, I don't think prices will be going down significantly any time soon.

As luck would have it, they recently had some available, so I ordered 2,000 penny sleeves for about $45 CDN, as well as another 100 9-pocket pages, 4 Blue (because well...Toronto) Ultra Pro 3 Inch D binders, and a couple small plastic cases. Can't believe supplies all in were near $120 but with penny sleeves going from $0.89 per 100 to about $2.20, the 100 page boxes going from $20 to $30 and the binders going for about $10 each as they are really nice and sturdy, I guess it makes sense.

Better than spending twice as much in another 6 months I guess.


  1. We can certainly try, got a package on the way to you looks like the mails getting quick again!

    1. So, as I work through these cards, basically anything I am not keeping, or not actively trading away (as well as some other cards I pulled from my trade pile) are going, nice and organized, in bins under a table in the basement and - when the opportunity presents, I would be more than happy to have them taken away if/when you get to make a trip this way. No rush at all of course, but it'll be 10k - 20k of cards I would expect. That's the hope. I know it's quite the trip, and you mentioned doing such trips before, so hope it's something in the future you can put on your todo "trip" list. :)